A javascript framework for adding augmented reality content to web applications

Augmented reality (AR) is the idea of mixing computer-generated media (e.g., 3D objects, 2D content, spatialized audio) with someone’s view of the real world. Whether you want to create a new AR application, or add an AR view to an existing web application, the argon.js framework provides a set of abstractions and utilities for adding an AR view to your web application in a platform- and technology-independent way.

argon.js was originally designed to take advantage of the augmented reality capabilities of the Argon AR-enabled web browser on iOS, simplifying the process of delivering mobile AR experiences without the need to create, ship and support native applications.

However, argon.js will also work with other web browsers, taking advantage of their capabilities to allow your application to deliver whatever kind of AR experience each browser is capable of. While the AR capabilities a most web browsers is currently minimal, they are improving rapidly, and argon.js is designed to support this evolution.

Want to dive and and start creating AR-enabled web applications? Check out the downloads below.

On GitHub



The source code for the argon.js framework, samples and documentation are all available on this github site, and use the Apache 2.0 Open Source License.

The iOS Argon4 Browser application is available on the iTunes App Store, and will be available for Android this fall.


Develop with argon.js


The argon.js source code is available on github at


The documentation site contains a collection of articles and tutorials to get you started with argon.js


Check out some of the samples built with argon.js. An integration with Mozilla's A-Frame is also being developed, demonstrating how argon.js applications can be written at a higher level of abstraction.


Please visit and join our Community Site to ask development questions and discuss anything related to AR on the web. Feel free to use the argon tag on Stack Overflow to ask development questions.


The Argon team is ready to chat on Slack. You can join our Slack channel using this automated slackin link: Click to join

For those who need to add new capabilities to the Argon Browser itself, the full source to the application will be available in the argon-app repository in the future. In the meantime, contact us on if you have a specific need.

If you are interested in seeing what we are planning for argon, and providing input on our plans, you can visit our argon roadmap.